Sunday, December 2, 2007

My First BICO & Sold Item!

"BICO" is the acronym for the Baby It's Cold Outside pattern that I discovered on Crochetville. I showed pictures of a few completed BICOs to a co-worker of mine and she asked me to make one for her as a gift for a new baby due in her family around the holidays ... AND offered to pay me!! I graciously accepted her offer. :-) When I was almost finished with the BICO, she asked me if I could add a hat. I got some good hat pattern ideas from Crochetville as well, but ended up using the cap pattern from the Caps to the Capital charity drive I participated in last year. Knowing that the original cap pattern was designed for preemies using a sport- and/or worsted-weight yarn, I used Homespun to match the BICO and also because I knew using a bulky-weight yarn would make the cap come out larger, and therefore suitable for an average sized baby.

Needless to say, selling my work is a dream come true and definitely an area where I want to put more energy and time (once I find it!). This experience has proved to me the level of caring that I put into my work. Having said that, I intend to make more BICOs so that I can improve upon my work with this particular pattern.

As always, thanks for looking!
**Special thanks to my Crochetville community; you all are an invaluable resource for ideas, problem-solving and encouragement!!**